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Your Goals Are Our Goals.

At our core, we’re solution builders. Our top priority is to understand your near- and long-term objectives. From there, we collaborate with you to build comprehensive, tailored campaigns that drive demand, maximize growth, and help you respond to the changing dynamics affecting your business. And we are never more than a click away.


  • Julie Fouque

    Flatirons Digital Innovations
  • Meg Scales

    VP of Marketing
  • David Strom

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Nino Gentry

    Demand Generation


  • Demand professionals

    “Working with INFUSEmedia means getting higher quality leads at a fair price, but the team also goes above and beyond to provide additional insights into our previous campaigns and ongoing support to improve importing. We’ve worked with about half-dozen other vendors on content syndication programs and none of them compare to INFUSEmedia.

    We’ve been very impressed and look forward to extending this successful collaboration!”

    David Strom

    Digital Marketing Manager Bright MD
  • Executives

    “Curvature chose to work with INFUSEmedia because we trusted them to help us meet our lead generation goals. They completed our campaign earlier than expected and provided tele-verification that is unrivaled in the industry. Their advanced content marketing engine and industry-leading solutions proved so beneficial that we’ve already launched our second campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the results.”

    Nino Gentry

    Demand Generation Manager at Curvature
  • Marketing

    “INFUSEmedia’s unprecedented “no strings attached” lead generation offer really helped B2B marketers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within just a couple of weeks, they truly infused our lead stream with high-quality leads while we were pivoting to adjust to rapidly changing conditions in our target markets. The team went above and beyond to give our sales team concrete contacts to engage during difficult times. Without any prior relationship, INFUSEmedia made us feel like a valued account and demonstrated core values that define a true business partner.”

    Julie Fouque

    Flatirons Digital Innovations Vice President of Marketing
  • Sales Professionals

    “I was very impressed by the professionalism and kindness of Infuse Media. The target identification process was painless and quick – and the lead results even faster! Infuse Media quickly achieved their promised lead flow quota – offering us complete data acquisition on new contacts within our strategic accounts. Highly recommend Infuse Media!”

    Meg Scales

    VP of Marketing Sight Machine