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We don’t just syndicate.

We combine our unmatched expertise, broad audience reach, and powerful Content Marketing
Engine to produce integrated, omnichannel programs that propel results and maximize ROI.

Our expert editorial team will bring your creative projects to life, managing every step from
ideation to content creation, and ensuring a final product that is on brand and fit for purpose.

Lead Nurturing at All Stages of the Funnel

Based on your specific objectives, we generate leads with various degrees of engagement.
Whether you are interested in a full funnel program or need a top or lower funnel boost, we will design custom campaigns to fill your funnel anywhere it’s needed.

Lead Cascade

Discarding leads that don’t fit a specific campaign’s every qualification criteria is wasteful. Why?

Because those leads might be the perfect fit for a future campaign. Instead of abandoning them, we will turn these bottom-of-the funnel prospects into advocates of your brand and keep them engaged—at a fraction of the cost to you—until they are primed for conversion.


inHQL is INFUSEmedia’s proprietary microtargeting program, designed to generate qualified, engaged leads at the bottom of the funnel.

Through telephone interviews with key accounts, we clarify each prospect’s unique needs, priorities, and objectives, thereby signifi-cantly facilitating your marketing and sales efforts.

Fair Trade Lead Qualification

Custom account intelligence is key to gaining optimal insight into your ideal customer. We incentivize prospects to share this intelligence by offering a personalized gift in exchange for answering relevant questions. This is your opportunity to create the first positive touch with your brand that keeps on rewarding long after they drink that cup of coffee or read that book.

Webinar Promotion

Drive more attendees to your event.

Our integrated solution is designed to guarantee webinar leads and amplify your success. Using a host of digital demand generation tactics, we create campaigns that reach your audiences before, during, and after the event.

Lead Flow Dashboard

Access to more and more data gives marketers highly precise marketing intelligence that can significantly boost conversion rates. However, misused data can steer your marketing efforts in the wrong direction. Our proprietary Lead Flow Dashboard platform o-ffers a user-friendly interface that allows marketers to watch and optimize campaigns in real time—giving you full control to double down on what works and abandon what doesn’t.


Everyone loves BANT leads, but without the right lead nurture strategy, these qualified leads might not materialize into clients. We convert BANT leads into revenue by continuing to off-er high-quality content to these hot prospects until they’re ready to buy.

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