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Where Success is Paramount,
Engagement Matters

Accelerate conversions with the highest quality leads

We leverage our advanced content marketing engine, data-driven demand tactics, and extensive database of B2B decision makers in 24 verticals to reach target audiences with precision and scale.



We employ an omni-channel approach that empowers us to identify, qualify, and produce actionable engagement.
Our proprietary platform is second to none; it continually optimizes your program to deliver maximum ROI.


Lead Generation
& Content Marketing

Whether you are interested in a full funnel program or need a top or lower funnel boost, we will design custom campaigns to fill your funnel anywhere it’s needed.


Account Based

Employing the most sophisticated martech in the industry, we identify, target, and engage only the accounts that are most likely to convert.



We combine our comprehensive intent data and deep understanding of buyer behaviors to engage prospects that meet your ideal customer profile and are actively searching for your solutions.



Boost recognition, educate prospects, drive engagement, and ultimately convert leads and increase sales by reaching prospects across all relevant channels—from email to social to programmatic.



If you are not running a competitive takeover campaign, you are falling behind. Grow your market share by finding new—and winning back lost—accounts.



If you are satisfied with standard lead generation tools, this offer isn’t for you. If you want to experiment with bold new techniques, go ahead and explore our exclusive offerings.

Our Insights

To help you sharpen your decision making in today’s increasingly complex world, we are pleased to introduce INFUSE Insights. It’s where marketing, demand, and sales professionals share and challenge each other’s views, unconstrained by popular opinion, with a goal of uncovering opportunities that will lead to growth and innovation.


A global database
of 138+ million B2B
decision makers.


30+ digital publications
that span a variety of business
and technology verticals.


Proprietary real-time lead
verification platform and
human contact validation.


Extended network of select partners
that have been thoroughly vetted
for quality and consistency.

Your Demand

INFUSEmedia is a fully integrated, data-fueled, demand generation engine that offers a host of industry-leading solutions designed to help B2B organizations drive quality interest.

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  • Julie Fouque

    Flatirons Digital Innovations
  • Meg Scales

    VP of Marketing
  • David Strom

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Taryn Gwinner

    Demand Generation Marketing Manager
  • Nino Gentry

    Demand Generation
  • Sara Kinsey

    Marketing Director
  • Brandon Andersen

    Chief Strategist
  • Stephanie Fung

    Marketing Communications


  • “Working with INFUSEmedia means getting higher quality leads at a fair price, but the team also goes above and beyond to provide additional insights into our previous campaigns and ongoing support to improve importing. We’ve worked with about half-dozen other vendors on content syndication programs and none of them compare to INFUSEmedia.

    We’ve been very impressed and look forward to extending this successful collaboration!”

    David Strom

    Digital Marketing Manager Bright MD
  • “It’s been a pleasure to work with INFUSEmedia and their team—they are responsive, professional, and results-oriented. They helped us lower our Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) and lay a great foundation for nurturing because we can now be really specific about who we target. Thanks to their comprehensive filter criteria, we can reach the right leads and get sizable results.”

    Taryn Gwinner

    Demand Generation Marketing Manager Centrica Business Solutions
  • “Curvature chose to work with INFUSEmedia because we trusted them to help us meet our lead generation goals. They completed our campaign earlier than expected and provided tele-verification that is unrivaled in the industry. Their advanced content marketing engine and industry-leading solutions proved so beneficial that we’ve already launched our second campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the results.”

    Nino Gentry

    Demand Generation Manager at Curvature
  • “Now that we’re working with INFUSEmedia, I have much more confidence in our lead generation quality and strategy.”

    Sara Kinsey

    Marketing Director Unifi
  • “I found INFUSE team to be exceptionally flexible and responsive, they understood our challenges and helped us set up and run a program that answered our needs.”

    Brandon Andersen

    Chief Strategist Ceralytics, LLC
  • “INFUSEmedia has demonstrated a solid return on our investment in the high quality of lead generation provided. We’ve had a wonderful experience working with the team and are excited to continue running successful campaigns with them in the future.”

    Stephanie Fung

    Marketing Communications Manager at Copperleaf Technologies
  • “INFUSEmedia’s unprecedented “no strings attached” lead generation offer really helped B2B marketers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Within just a couple of weeks, they truly infused our lead stream with high-quality leads while we were pivoting to adjust to rapidly changing conditions in our target markets. The team went above and beyond to give our sales team concrete contacts to engage during difficult times. Without any prior relationship, INFUSEmedia made us feel like a valued account and demonstrated core values that define a true business partner.”

    Julie Fouque

    Flatirons Digital Innovations Vice President of Marketing
  • “I was very impressed by the professionalism and kindness of Infuse Media. The target identification process was painless and quick – and the lead results even faster! Infuse Media quickly achieved their promised lead flow quota – offering us complete data acquisition on new contacts within our strategic accounts. Highly recommend Infuse Media!”

    Meg Scales

    VP of Marketing Sight Machine

Our Clients